Summer camouflage

Summer outfits
In hot summer days the only wish is to walk around wearing a swimsuit. Unfortunately, most of us still have to go to the office, shop and take our kids to grandmas, looking decent. How to prevent yourself from soaking and still pull off that stylish outfit?

Surprisingly, it's better to cover up, not undress. Fine layers of natural fabric (silk, cotton, linen) create a cooling effect thanks to the air between the clothing and your skin. This means that choosing a flowing maxi skirt is a better option than tight denim shorts.

Business meeting - classical shapes with lively colours, carefully picked accessories

Meeting with friends - floral prints and bright splashes

Picnic on the countryside - linen, cotton, bamboo. Relaxed shapes and prints

Summer outfits

Al fresco party - silk and lame, bold colours and flashy accessories

Summer outfits