International image - China

Ever thought of doing business in China? It is an enormous market, filled with exciting opportunities. You've got your reports and statistics, you have all your pitches in place and ready to sign the contract. Have you though of what you should wear for the meeting with potential partners? Although business laws are international, different cultures have different perception on what a business person should look like. Get it wrong and it may cost you.

China is quite conservative in terms of business. It may have all the latest technology, but people have a certain standard to who they trust. Being on the same page with your business partners is essential.


For men a darker colour suit is a must - navy or dark grey. Avoid vibrant colours and black. White shirt is the best option, but you can also play with pale lavender, blue or stripes. Consider pairing them with tasteful, subtle ties. Add black shoes and black belt, quality looking watch (but nothing flashy) and skip the handkerchief.


For women there is one very important rule - modesty. Do not under any circumstances flash more than you should. Tights (black or nude) are a must. Darker colour mid-heels, feminine watch, subtle jewellery will be a perfect addition. Again, no black suits, but you can go for beige or light grey. Your blouses should have long sleeves and overall look should be quite feminine.

Keep in mind that both men and women keep their jacket on at all times.