Personal shopping

Every partnership begins with an introduction. After your 50min initial consultation you will be offered the best solution and the right package to suit your budget.
  • FREE face-to-face in Glasgow/Edinburgh OR online from anywhere in the world
  • FREE colour and body type assessment
  • questionnaire with your preferences and needs
personal shopper Glasgow
Solutions we offer: 

1) Can't meet/no time to shop - Online shopping 
Our most popular option, LOVED by happy clients worldwide! You will only need to fill in the questionnaire once, send a couple of photos of yourself and set the budget. All face-to-face services are available online for your convenience - sorting out your wardrobe, shopping for new items online or follow up consultations. All the items will be sorted out according to your body shape, colour type, budget and preferences. You will also receive an outfit book with all your clothes and accessories to help your dress hassle free.

2) Looking for gifts - Personal shopping
Tired of searching for the very special gifts? Wish to give something unique, but don't have the time? We are here to help. Our area of expertise expands beyond clothing, helping you pick the right items from the range of jewellery, accessories and cosmetics. We work closely with salons, shops and brands to determine your needs and offer the best products at the best prices possible. We do your homework for you.

3) Feeling lost while shopping - Personal guidance
Whether you need to buy just a couple of items to freshen up your wardrobe or you aim for a complete makeover, you will receive coaching and guidance on all the aspects of shopping and style: how to determine item quality, alteration tricks, storing and care, how to create outfits, how to choose accessories, and many more.

4) Don't know what suits - StyleBook
This is your personal style book, which includes shapes and colours that compliment your features and looks for different occasions. It also shows the best makeup and hairstyles, frames and shades, footwear and accessories - a complete package to help you pick the right items + a list of shops where to find them.

5) Can't match my items - Wardrobe Analysis
Your Personal Stylist will help you analyse your wardrobe, create outfits and add accessories to complete your look. You will also be given a list of recommended items to buy. Alternatively, you may choose to have a Virtual Closet - a detailed catalogue of your clothes and accessories, tailored looks and choice of package deals to keep you stylish every day hassle free.  
Personal styling    £65/hour
  • Personal shopping
  • Wardrobe analysis
  • Women/men
  • Maternity/new mom 
  • Back to work
  • Special occasions
  • Bridal/bridesmaid

Style Book   

  • hair and makeup
  • clothing styles
  • accessories
  • fabrics and prints
  • colour chart

Online styling
Quick fix               £55
Wardrobe analysis £75
Online shopping    £90

(per month)
Trendwatch         £75
Virtual closet       £250

Corporate (per person)

Style Parties          £25
Style Seminars      £15

There is a minimum of 2 hours for per hour bookings.
There is a minimum of 6 people for Style Parties and a minimum of 25 people for Style Seminars
Quick fix package is up to 5 emails OR up to 2 hours of Skype calls
Virtual closet requires a setup fee of £350